Jim and Crystal’s Wedding Day

Jim and Crystal's day where do I start?  Well this was a rainy day wedding
but the clouds held off just enough to get some outside photos before and
after the ceremony.  Crystal was the most laid back, easy going bride ever!
Crystal being so calm made my day amazing and fun too! Jim well he's pretty
quiet but he smiles for me so he is all good in my book! lol  Crystal's
mother had smiles all day long and it was such a blessing to meet her and
seeing how much she loves her daughter just melted my heart, in fact all of
their family was pretty darn amazing!  Kick back and take a peek at this 
amazing day everyone had with this great couple!


One thought on “Jim and Crystal’s Wedding Day

  1. It indeed was a great day, and may it be a great future living life together! Great assortment of pictures full of love and joy!


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